Panic Defence and Prevention Cards

Take care of yourself in the height of the panic, and learn how to prevent panic from happening in the future.

When a panic attack strikes you can forget everything.

These defence and prevention cards are perfect for your bag, to take you through what to do to stop the panic when it hits

So that you can get back to feeling calm again.

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These techniques are simple, but in the midst of a panic attack, you can't always remember what you might know. So these cards are to remind you exactly what to do.

They will help you to slow your heart rate.

Get your body to feel less shaky.

Help you to feel calm and in control again

These printables are sized to keep in your bag so they are with you when you need them most.

These are designed to be printed on A4, if you print on card they will last you longer! 

EU Customers BUY Here

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